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I will do SEO keyword research and content strategy

My Premium SEO Keyword Research + Strategy gig provides you with one of the most important elements of a quality digital marketing campaign!

With the right keywords, you can do more than drive traffic to your website. You can drive customers to your website by providing the type of information your customers are looking for.

I kick off the job by performing research across several tools that match specifically around the products and/or services you provide. Once the research is complete, we place it all in a nifty (and very organized) spreadsheet for you to review.

With my Premium Keyword Research gig, you will get:

  • A minimum of 150 keywords (often much more)
  • Blog topic strategy (30 blog post topics + 2-3 key words per topic)
  • Step-by-step guide of how you can incorporate this valuable information into your site!

Once I complete my job, I don’t leave you hanging. I will also deliver an SEO marketing strategy and suggestions so that you know what to do once our gig is complete.

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