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I am a sound Engineer

Egbinola michelle

A Freelance business consultant; over 6 years of experience in writing custom business plans, proposals, PowerPoint modern design successful marketing, resume, cover letter, and sales plans. I'm a certified business planning and development expert, with over 3 years of corporate, start-up and venture capital experience in Mobile, Internet of Things...

Benjamin Olu

Choose to work with me for quality, satisfaction, and reliability. I have professional work ethics which will treat your business as my own business. Don't be scared of my hourly rate. What you pay for is what you'll get. I am willing to make corrections as to suite your demand and taste. I am not greedy to earn money in any way; rather I...

Kayode Oloniduhi

I am a trained lawyer with over 7 years in customer service and 4 years in training, I am result oriented. I give the best to your satisfaction and admiration