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Digital Marketing & Branding Expert

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I’ve over 5 years experience in digital marketing & inbound branding inclusive of website and graphic design. As a digital marketing strategist & founder at Kleensa Promotion (an All-in-one Marketing-Technology Company in Nigeria), I have designed a lot of websites. While working for IIHT technologies & epoxy oilserv limited, I also manage our official websites as well as the companies’ online presence. Working as a digital marketing expert in these two companies substantially contributed to their huge online presence, web traffic & revenue growth. I am also a professionally certified digital marketing trainer (/instructor), seminar facilitator, speaker & most importantly a marketing influencer whose digital marketing & branding blog has achieved great search-engine reputation ranking due to my valuable digital marketing educational contents and insights.


When it comes to digital career consultation, I offer such as I develop potential entrepreneurs on how to build their brands online starting with registering their businesses via legal incorporations, building their websites, graphics and digital assets and promote their businesses online. For young marketing & creative design professionals, I strive to enhance both their marketing skills and CVs so as to help them get the right jobs. Ofcourse! I register businesses for startups and design marketing-career oriented CVs for professionals. I can offer you something 10 times far better than what you think you want in digital marketing, inbound branding, website & blog design.


A lot of websites are difficult to be crawled by search engines bots because of how they get coded, hence may not easily appear at SERPs. Also, a lot get thousands of visitors per month, but do they convert your visitors with the experience they get via the structure of your website? Possibly, your business has noticed that your competitors are being perceived better online as those in touch with the needs of their target audience.Your competitors are establishing an online identity with their customers in a way that creates positive connection, service, and satisfaction. As a result, your business is realizing a loss of website traffic, engagement, and lifetime customer value. In addition, your business has realized that these competitors are being perceived as industry leaders who are in touch with the needs of their customer base. Your competitors are establishing an identity with their customers in a way that creates positive connection, service, and satisfaction. Your business is therefore realizing a loss of immediate revenue, and lifetime customer value.


While working for Kleensa Promotion, I invented the constructive website design approach which offers an action oriented web page dedicated to convert even the laziest website visitor to take a predefined relevant action. Designing a responsive but user experience website doesn’t just lie in my programming or design skill but in my exciting marketing and sales capability to insert myself within the position of target users and speak to myself via designs.


Whichever your need may be, please I am here for you! You  will require (30 minutes) consulting time in order for me to understand your corporate culture, and values. After identifying these, I can begin to create contents that further a carefully-crafted perception for designing, writing as well as marketing your brand for both humans & search engines. I don’t develop digital contents, write or design for search engines or humans only, I TARGET BOTH in my website design!


Developing great contents for your brand demands that I speak to humans who access your digital assets using both computer and mobile devices, hence converting them to solve their problems. While I do so, I always make it very easy to be optimized for search engine. To achieve this, I will conduct researches on the contents, right kewords/phrases, search terms, reputable links and your competitors. Incorporating these keywords & reputable links in the well crafted contents will make it easy not just for your target audience to view it via search engines but also for them to flow with it, understand it and take relevant actions.
















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Crafted Projects

Pinnacle Care Corp Website Design

Pinnacle Care Corp Website Design
The True Help Website Design

The True Help Website Design


Digital Marketing Trainer/Instructor/Facilitator

  •  IIHT Technology
  •  May 2018 - Present

As an Instructor, facilitator or professional trainer at IIHT Technologies, I lead the delivery of the Digital Marketing programs through in-person and live-online instruction for entry level to pro cohorts where I monitor students successes and provide 1:1 guidance as needed.


  • Teach IIHT's Digital Marketing programs
  • Host Digital Marketing Both In-House Seminars/Workshops & Online Webinars
  • Facilitate group discussions, demos, in-class activities and feedback & coaching sessions
  • Prepare students for success by providing coaching in all aspects of their journey towards becoming strategic thinkers and problem solvers
  • Provide actionable feedback on student's soft and hard skills
  • Develop student's storytelling and presentation skills
  • Follow industry trends related to Digital Marketing
  • Play a hands-on role in curriculum development, use what you learn from working with students to make our curriculum world class
  • Day to day instruction of students, following a well-curated curriculum, supplemented with your own professional experiences
  • Implement state law policies relating to career / vocational schools, such as enforcing student attendance, the grading of assignments, etc.
  • Gather and report on student metrics
  • Participate in occasional project and curriculum development, as well as curriculum refinement
  • Participate on and off campus activities, including but not limited to: orientation, open houses, student events, graduations, tech talks and workshops related to Digital Marketing
  • Participate in professional training to stay updated!

Marketing Manager (Digital Marketing & Branding Strategist)

  •  IIHT Technology
  •  May 2018 - Present

Within 3 months from when I joined IIHT Technologies, an ICT training and education provider as their marketing head and digital marketing strategist, there became evidences of substantial growth with respect to successes in walk- ins, enrollments, brand reputation/equity and overall revenue of the training company.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Realizing no blog in official website, I set up a blog page and landing pages, assigned content development to my marketing team for blog/linkedin post updates.
  • I changed the approach of IIHT seminars/workshops to value-based and customer-oriented, became more competitive and dominated externally.
  • Advertising IIHT partnerships with employer to our target prospects contributed to increased enrollments.
  • I proposed, initiated and handled IIHT Professional digital marketing training as one of their courses.
  • Maximized the sales performance by establishing strong relationships and gaining insight to the needs and lifestyle of the client
  • Met weekly and monthly quotas through the successful implementation of sales and marketing strategies and tactics
  • Generated leads, planned and organized daily work schedule to call on existing or potential sales outlets and committing to customer service by building relationships

Digital Marketing & Branding Strategist (Website/Graphic Designer)

  •  Kleensa Promotion
  •  Jun 2018 - Present

I am the Founder of Kleensa Promotion. An All-in-One Marketing Technology Company in Nigeria.

We are a team of experienced digital marketing professional working to build and grow with brands across Nigeria. We have awesome varieties of services and business partners inside and outside Nigeria. We offer a wide range of online marketing, branding & consulting services which enable businesses to gain strong and competitive position in Nigeria Market.

Kleensa Promotion designs your website on your behalf, use it to do the complete digital marketing of your products/services on your behalf and offers full time consulting incase you desire to do everything yourself. (


I coordinate our various digital medium and assisted clients’ companies in reaching specific goals. I analyse user experience data, initiate digital projects, report on planned strategies, lead effective digital marketing strategies and ensure that projects are executed within budgets. I play a pivotal role in growing clients’ businesses and improving user experiences.


Working as a digital marketing manager at Kleensa Promotion, a digital marketing and branding agency in Nigeria where I:

  • Innovated strategies to research, attract customers & eventually solve their issues unveiling the latest digital tools and interactive trends.
  • Already helped over 50 startups with my posts, advisory contents , creative solutions and best practices.
  • Created numerous designs, graphics, websites, animations, digital assets & other marketing materials for individuals & businesses.
  • Identified advertising needs and established best practices in digital marketing
  • Created integrated and cost effective digital strategies.

Marketing & Brand Manager (Digital Marketing Manager)

  •  Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Ltd
  •  Jan 2015 - Apr 2018

Brief Description: I was employed to lead a team of marketing professionals with my major goal being to establish our new brand together with its products in the industrial & institutional markets.

With Regards to My Key Responsibilities:

  • I researched our competitors to deduce our strength/competitive advantage and crafted our strategic action plans.
  • I identified our target markets and positioned our brand promise/value proposition with regards to each segment’s unique requirements.
  • I created contents for our website and updating landing pages in a way that gives a consistent unique brand identity.
  • Through writing blogs, email marketing & sending email newsletters, I informed prospects about our epochem product ranges while directing them to our website.
  • Via our social media, I promoted our product by increasing customer relationship, accessibility level, customer engagement, conversion rates
    and subsequently sales.
  • Also, search engine optimization and continuous use of google advertising helped me to increase traffics in our websites and this led to increased engagements.
  • Because not everyone is internet-oriented, we also acquired the segment of our target market who don’t use the internet. With our words of
    mouth, educational and physical marketing, we increased our brand awareness with increasing revenue stream.


Accomplishments: I launched & positioned EPOCHEM brand of industrial & flooring products, turned it to one of winning competitors in Nigeria
market & grew sustainable revenue within 2 years.

To Highlight My Notable Accomplishments, I:

  • Successfully launched 2-3 Products in almost every 2-3 months as they are produced by R/D team.
  • Developed and implemented strategic marketing plans that resulted in about 8% consistent sale increases
  • Achieved brand/public awareness by about 10% on monthly basis via a well implemented marketing calendar
  • Continuously acquire a minimum of 20 epoxy floor training applicants who register on monthly basis.


Professional Course in Data Science & Analytics

  •  Indian Institute of Hardware Technologies
  •  Feb 2019 - Jan 2020

This is a 1 Year Professional Career Course Program

Award: Professional Certificate of Completion
Grade: Distinction (Grade A)

Diploma in Digital Marketing & Inbound Branding

  •  Indian Institute of Hardware Technologies
  •  Jan 2015 - Jan 2017

This is a 2 Years Diploma Program

Course: Digital Marketing & Inbound Branding (Web & Graphics Design)
Qualification: Diploma
Grade: Distinction
CGPA: 4.77 Out of 5.00

Professional Program in Graphics, Website Design & Development

  •  Black Fragrance School of Design, Lagos State
  •  Jan 2018 - Jul 2018

This is a 6 Months Professional Career Course Program

Award: Professional Certificate of Completion
Grade: Distinction (Grade A)

Undergraduate Degree in Microbiology

  •  Anambra State University, Uli
  •  Sep 2010 - Oct 2010

This is my University Undergraduate Program

Course: Microbiology
Qualification: Bachelor of Science (BSc.)
Grade: Second Class Upper (2.1)
CGPA: 4.08 Out of 5:00